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Watch this video and more on stagecoachathome

Spamalot: Mud & Gold

Spamalot - Acting with John • 12m

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  • Spamalot: The French Castle

    King Arthur and his knights approach a mysterious castle... who is guarding it, what do they want? Why is your mother a hamster and why does your father smell like elderberries?

    In this lesson we'll explore:
    Silly Accents
    Deadpan Comedy
    Creating Atmosphere on stage.

  • Spamalot: Crazy Characters

    The Knights of Ni, Tim the Enchanter and Brother Maynard - keeper of the Holy Hand Grenade.
    In a show packed with massive, monstrous characters - how can we make sure each one is unique and stands out?
    In this lesson, we'll explore character creation and how we use our body, voice and face to tra...

  • Spamalot: Scripts (They're Important!)

    Join John as he shows you how to use a script. John will share with you tips and tricks for learning lines as well as how and why actors make little drawings and scribbles in their scripts. Push yourself to be the best actor in the rehearsal room with this short video about script technique and c...