Spamalot - Acting with John

Spamalot - Acting with John

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Spamalot - Acting with John
  • Spamalot: Opening Scene! And Themes of the Show

    Are you rehearsing Spamalot? Or do you you just love comedy and want to get creative?
    Join John as he guides you through the opening scene of Spamalot, helping you get to grips with the style of the show. An essential guide no matter what part you're playing.
    In this session we'll explore:
    - Big ...

  • Spamalot: Riding School

    All actors should learn to ride horses. Join John as he teaches you the art of banging two coconut halves together.

    In this session we will explore:
    - Physical Comedy
    - Miming
    - Stage Presence

  • Spamalot: Mud & Gold

    Join John as he spotlights a funny scene from the Spamalot script. Find out how to transform yourself into silly King Arthur, a show-off Knight or a clever Peasant in the Monty Python style!