New Releases

  • Minibeasts!

    George’s singing session will focus on songs about creepy-crawlies. There’ll be some familiar (bug-related) songs to begin the session, followed by Big Hairy Spider (an original rock song about a cheeky spider).

    About George Chalmers
    George has over a decade’s experience working within the perf...

  • Mr. Move It! Let's Get Moving! (1/6)

    Join Go! Go! Go! band member and Nickelodeon presenter Mr Move It! (Carl Tracey) for a family friendly funfest of fitness. Carl guides you through easy to follow sessions that everyone can get involved in.

  • Telling Terrific Tales (4/6) Devising

    Make a spectacular time machine with Nathan and become a genius inventor! Watch out for the side-effects - you'll transform into all kinds of creatures, fairies and objects!

    About Nathan Medina
    Nathan is a professional Actor, Director and Teacher. Originally from London, Nathan trained at Guildf...

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (4/6) Articulation

    Now you're in the fast paced flow with Tash! Get ready to learn the fourth and fifth sections of the song, with a reminder on breath work from the previous session, and practising the tricky articulation in this song!

    About Tash Moore
    Tash is delighted to be joining the Stagecoach at Home team h...

  • Musical Theatre Mash-Up (4/6) School of Rock Part 2

    Follow Olivia as we explore the second half of our School of Rock routine, and bring everything together to present our final performance to friends and family. Let's go team!

    About Olivia Whalley
    Olivia has been teaching dance singing and acting for 10 years now, and has worked for Stagecoach ...

  • Q&A With John Bell

    Actor John Bell (The Hobbit, Outlander, Tracy Beaker Returns) answers questions from our Stagecoach students.

  • Create your own News Channel

    Tarquin Shaw-Young, Head of Global Casting and the Stagecoach Talent Agency, sets weekly challenges for students. This week you are tasked with creating your own news channel! To send in your film, email [email protected]

  • When You're An Addams (2/6) Ancestors Arrival

    The gate of the crypt swings open, and the Addams Ancestors emerge! Pearce develops the choreography of 'When You're An Addams', linking you into your first instrumental upbeat and playful musical section.

    About Pearce Barron
    He began performing at Stagecoach Swindon where he attended weekly cla...

  • The Addams Family (2/6) When You're an Addams

    The spooky Kooky Addams Ancestors join Kelly for some spine chilling singing. Learn the opening and finale number from this spectacularly stylish and devilishly enjoyable production!

    About Kelly Forrester
    Kelly has 8 years of experience teaching Stagecoach. At Malvern Stagecoach she was the chil...

  • The Addams Family (2/6) Stage Presence

    The Addams are a dark strange family! Learn with John what it’s like to present yourself like an Addams with obscure confidence and powerful stage presence.

    About John Pritchard
    John is a writer, artist and teacher and has been teaching at Stagecoach for 4 years. He started his career producing...

  • We Will Rock You (2/6) Radio Ga Ga Part 2

    Join Jaye and focus on developing and polishing choreography and Musical Theatre skills for the opening number - Radio Ga Ga. Always starting with a full body warm up, Jaye sets you up to perfect the routine. By the end of this session you will have the finished piece ready to perform!

    About Jay...

  • We Will Rock You (2/6) Radio Ga Ga Part 2

    Bree shows you how to create some harmonies and riffs in this round up of learning Radio Ga Ga. You'll have learnt the whole of the opening number to this rockin' production, ready to bring in all vocal texture and ad-lids you can muster!

    About Gabrielle 'Bree' Smith
    Training: Arts Educational ...

  • We Will Rock You (2/6) Across! Trapped! Moved!

    Let’s get things going! In We Will Rock You, the characters have to cross a Wasteland. In this session, Sarah shows you how to come up with different kinds of wastelands, and use your miming skills to showcase the world we have created!

    About Sarah English
    Sarah is an actor and theatre educator,...