New Releases

  • Exclusive Masterclass: Chicago with Adam Denman

    Join performer, Adam Denman (The King & I, Guys and Dolls, 42nd Street) as he teaches you a routine to Overture from Chicago.

    About Adam Denman
    Adam started dancing at the age of 5 at the Staples School of Dance Retford & furthered his training at the Northern Ballet School.
    His theatre credit...

  • Musical Theatre Mash-Up (3/6) School of Rock Part 1

    Get your air guitars at the ready! In this session Olivia explores Teacher's Pet from the brilliant musical School of Rock. Full of fun and flare, this routine is guaranteed to get you jumping and fist pumping for days.

    About Olivia Whalley
    Olivia has been teaching dance singing and acting for ...

  • Telling Terrific Tales (3/6) Transformers

    Nathan shows you how to become a transformer, a living robotic being that has the ability to change their bodies at will, becoming vehicles and buildings! Using the skills of physical theatre, Nathan shows you how you can create any tale your imagination can dare to dream!

    About Nathan Medina

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (3/6) Breath Control

    Get ready to learn the third section of the playful song with Tash, thinking about when it is best to breathe. Tash helps you master this tricky fast-paced number by mapping out when to breathe in order to deliver a strong and confident performance.

    About Tash Moore:
    Tash is delighted to be joi...

  • The Addams Family (1/6) Sing Like "An Addams"

    Get mysterious and spooky with Kelly and work on perfecting your vocal technique in this fun exploration of When you're an Addams!

    About Kelly Forrester
    Kelly has 8 years of experience teaching Stagecoach. At Malvern Stagecoach she was the children’s choirmaster for the UK Tour of ‘Joseph and t...

  • Be Yourself with Oscar Conlon-Morrey

    West End and Tour Performer, Oscar Conlon-Morrey (Nativity! the Musical, Only Fools and Horses the Musical), gives you top tips on how to be yourself.

    About Oscar Conlon-Morrey
    Oscar graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts with a BA Hons in Musical Theatre. His theatre credits include...

  • Farmyard Rock 'n' Roll (1/2)

    We're singing and clapping on the farm in a Rock 'n' Roll style with a cow, the sheep, a pig, a dog, donkey, a duck and a hen! Oh yeah! Then saddle up and go 'Ridin' on Horsey' with Georgey! Let's ride!

    About George Chalmers
    George has over a decade’s experience working within the performing ar...

  • The Addams Family (1/6) Gomez

    Welcome to the Addams Family Mansion! Explore with John how you can transport the audience to their grand Gothic house as you become the suave and charming Gomez - desperately trying to maintain his cool whilst lying to his wife, pleasing his daughter and impressing his guests!

    About John Pritch...

  • When You're An Addams (1/6) Stir the Pot

    Kickstart your Addams Family dance classes with Pearce as you explore the opening/finale track of the musical! Create ghoulish characters and groove your way into this first session of 'When You're An Addams' routine.

    About Pearce Barron:
    He began performing at Stagecoach Swindon where he atten...

  • We Will Rock You (1/6) Radio Gaga

    Join Bree in this playful introduction to the Radio Ga Ga and work on the first section of the song, exploring different vocal qualities to sound robotic like the Ga Ga Kids. This will be a fun first session!

    About Gabrielle 'Bree' Smith
    Training: Arts Educational School
    Stage Credits: Ensemble...

  • We Will Rock You (1/6) Radio Gaga

    Jaye gets going with a dynamic introduction to the Musical Theatre hit We Will Rock You as you learn the opening choreography to Radio Gaga. Start to embody the GaGa Kids characterisation skills from your Acting sessions with Sarah. Have Fun!

    About Jaye Lawrence:
    Trained at Cumbria Institute of ...

  • We Will Rock You (1/6) Character Entrances

    After a lively physical warm up with Sarah, get ready to bring some of the different characters from We Will Rock You to life. Have fun shifting from one character to another through physical changes as you make your entrances and exits.

    About Sarah English
    Sarah is an actor and theatre educator...