New Releases

  • Stagecoach Exclusive Dancing (30mins) The Mystical Garden

    2 videos

    Prepare to stretch, move and dance along with marvellous Megs! There's a giant dancing frog, lots of laughter and fun and a chance to get ready for wildlife event of the year - The Owl Party!

    About Megs Kumari:
    Megs is currently completing her third year of her degree in Musical Theatre and Pro...

  • Winter Storytime (4-6 year-olds)

    2 videos

    Join our storytelling friend Dani as she warms you up before you go out and play in the snow with this wonderful playful video full of imagination About Dani Bradstreet:Dani has been telling and writing stories and teaching drama in London, the UK and the world for over 20 years. Since grad...

  • Peppa Pig: Wintry Muddy Puddles

    2 videos

    Hurray for wintry weather! It's so fun to dip and jump in cold wintry muddy puddles and Mel from Peppa Pig shows us how!

  • Peppa Pig Performs Muddy Puddles Live On Stage!

    Watch Peppa Pig perform Muddy Puddles live on stage. Join Peppa Pig and friends as they perform this all singing, all dancing joyful Muddy Puddles song!

    Coming soon - Learn the Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Dance with Mel!

  • Proud Mary Dance Warm-Up with Daniel Todd

    Follow along with Daniel in this energetic dance warm-up to 'Proud Mary'. Daniel sets the tone for finding enjoyment and joy in dance practice as he demonstrates the importance of warming-up.

    About Daniel Todd:
    Awarded the prestigious Carl Alan Award in 2019 for Theatre Choreography by TDCI. He ...

  • Introduction to Puppetry: Creating Your puppet!

    In this short video, have loads of creative fun with John as he shows you how to make 2 different puppets using everyday household items. (Make sure you have an adult with you to help!) In no time at all, you'll have designed and made your very own awesome cartoon character to keep you and your f...

  • Puppetry with John Pritchard

    1 video