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Watch this video and more on stagecoachathome

The Addams Family (1/6) Gomez

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  • When You're An Addams (1/6) Stir the Pot

    Kickstart your Addams Family dance classes with Pearce as you explore the opening/finale track of the musical! Create ghoulish characters and groove your way into this first session of 'When You're An Addams' routine.

    About Pearce Barron:
    He began performing at Stagecoach Swindon where he atten...

  • We Will Rock You (1/6) Radio Gaga

    Join Bree in this playful introduction to the Radio Ga Ga and work on the first section of the song, exploring different vocal qualities to sound robotic like the Ga Ga Kids. This will be a fun first session!

    About Gabrielle 'Bree' Smith
    Training: Arts Educational School
    Stage Credits: Ensemble...

  • We Will Rock You (1/6) Radio Gaga

    Jaye gets going with a dynamic introduction to the Musical Theatre hit We Will Rock You as you learn the opening choreography to Radio Gaga. Start to embody the GaGa Kids characterisation skills from your Acting sessions with Sarah. Have Fun!

    About Jaye Lawrence:
    Trained at Cumbria Institute of ...