Introduction to Puppetry

Introduction to Puppetry

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Introduction to Puppetry
  • Introduction to Puppetry: Creating Your Puppet!

    In this short video, have loads of creative fun with John as he shows you how to make 2 different puppets using everyday household items. (Make sure you have an adult with you to help!) In no time at all, you'll have designed and made your very own awesome cartoon character to keep you and your f...

  • Introduction to Puppetry: Bring your Puppet to Life!

    Puppetry is a big trick! We trick our audience into believing that the puppet is real... but in creating this illusion there are certain things we need to get right.
    Work with John as he explores the fundamentals of puppet eye contact, movement and speaking.

  • Introduction to Puppetry: Performing with Your Puppet!

    How do we set up a show? How do we create a hilarious puppet performance? Work with John as he explores becoming a ‘double act’ with your puppet. You’ll soon be ready to entertain crowds and have your family in fits of laughter.